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The purpose of the SKW Club is to promote and teach woodturning for utility and/or art use within the boundaries of the AAW.

SKW promotes woodturning by offering the opportunity to watch frequent demonstrations, ask questions, and (on occasion) try hands-on what has just been demonstrated. Each member is asked to participate in any capacity they feel comfortable with and without the fear of personal embarrassment. All members are encouraged to be positive with their comments or critique of other member’s turning, remembering; we all started one day in the past.

Club dues are due at the time of application for membership in SKW and are to be renewed by December 31 of each future year. National AAW membership is strongly encouraged and AAW dues are paid separately directly to AAW.

AAW membership provides liability insurance coverage for the member during club functions as well as a quarterly magazine providing a large amount of information and projects. SKW members must be an AAW member to hold any club office. You must also be an AAW member to demonstrate at club functions. This requirement has to do with the associated liability insurance provided by AAW.

One method SKW uses to teach woodturning techniques is a mentor program, using a one on one arrangement. Any member with the desire to learn a new technique or improve their skill level should feel free to ask other members for help or request the name of an appropriate person to teach him or her the sought after skill. The individual time and place for the mentoring instruction will be coordinated between the two members involved.

SKW meetings are normally held each 3rd Saturday of the month from 9 am to 11:30 am. Presently SKW is meeting at the SBEA (Spirit/Boeing Employees Association) facility at 4226 S. Gold, Wichita, Kansas.

SKW holds a day long workshop (9am to 3pm) instead of a regular meeting once each quarter of the year providing lathes and more experienced turners to help in a hands-on environment. Each member is encouraged to bring their own tools and their current project/problems in for help, as well as, join in to try a new project shown by other members. The success of the workshop is shown by the amount of members stepping up to the lathe and attempting something new for them or learning how to overcome a problem they had. Wood distribution is sometimes provided at the workshops allowing members to purchase a variety of turning wood at a fraction of the normal retail cost and at the same time support the clubs financial needs.

A monthly SKW Newsletter is sent to each member with up-date news of coming events as well as notifications. At the members request the newsletter is either US mailed or E-mailed to them about 1 week before each meeting date.

SKW provides an extensive Library of movies (VHS and DVDs), books, and magazines from many authors for use by members. Each item checked out is to be returned to the Library 30 days after check-out. (You may check an item out for a second month if needed. However, the librarians request that you check the item in at the end of the 30 days and recheck it out again). Each member is responsible for filling out the appropriate library card both for checking out and checking in their library items. The SKW Library is funded by a Bring Back Raffle and is kept as current as possible.

SKW’s “Bring Back Raffle” consists of selling tickets for $1 each to those present at meetings with three tickets being drawn out as Raffle winners. Each winner has their choice of items brought back by the previous winners and are, in turn, then responsible for bringing back an item for raffling 2-3 months later. These items may be a quality turned piece, or an item of worth to a wood turner. The return due date for these winners returning a “Bring Back Raffle” item will be listed in the monthly newsletter 2-3 months after you win.

SKW provides an opportunity for Show and Tell at each regular meeting. Show and Tell gives each member an opportunity to show what they have turned and tell all fellow members about their project as well as allow other members present a chance to view what you have turned. Each member will be awarded an SKW club ball cap at the end of their first Show and Tell experience. The SKW club ball cap is to be worn during all club meetings and other official club functions. A Gift Certificate from Craft Supply for a percentage off is awarded at the end of each Show and Tell by drawing lots from the number of participants. When wishing to participate in Show and Tell, bring in your turning/turnings (limit 3 each meeting). Place these turnings on the appropriate table and fill in the requested information on the Show and Tell signup sheet. At the appropriate time, your name will be called to come forward and tell the members about your project. After you have shown your item, please start the item around the room for members to see up close.

Two or Three times a year the entire club membership is presented with a “Wood Challenge.” Those members who elect to participate in the challenge will be given a piece of wood to be turned according to the rules for that particular challenge. Members who sign up to participate are then responsible for turning their piece and then bringing that turning back to the appropriate meeting for judging by the entire membership and the awarding of prizes. Prizes are awarded as follows: the member whose project is voted by the membership to be 1st place shall have their first choice of the prizes. Lots will then be drawn for the rest of the prizes from among those members who participated in the challenge.

“Guy Waldo Challenge”. Deceased member Guy Waldo was the Treasurer for many years and because of his undaunted service the club chose to name a wood turning challenge after Guy Waldo. Therefore each year about two-three months before the Annual Picnic in October, the Program Manager or a member can suggest a project for the Guy Waldo Challenge. The specifics are then either printed out for the membership or they are told about the specifics at a regular meeting. If the club furnishes the wood, there may be a charge for the wood, depending on the quality of the wood. The member, if accepting the challenge will then turn the specified item and bring it to the SKW Annual Picnic (paragraph below) in October. Place it on the table, a number will be assigned to the item and the ladies or significant other will then judge each item they like beginning with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place selections. At the conclusion of the judging, the “beans” will be counted to determine the winner. At this time the prizes are to be determined but will be explained the day of the judging.

SKW holds an annual picnic in October (date in October varies from year to year) for members and significant others. The menu format is pot luck with each member bringing a side dish item. Members will be sent a “Picnic Form” that asks for the number attending, choice of meat: Steak, Hamburgers, or Hot Dogs and what type of side dish they will bring: Salad, Vegetables, Dessert or “other” [please explain what other is]. Typically the club will furnish the meats for the picnic, however, because of the rising cost of the meats we ask that each member donate to the donation jar to help stave off the cost of the meats. Each member attending is responsible for bringing at least one turning which will be placed on the tables for the spousal and significant other raffle. Tickets are handed out to the spouse or significant other. Tickets are then drawn during the picnic and the person holding that ticket number may choose an item from the table. Tickets will be drawn until all turnings are claimed.

SKW, as a club function, sometimes participates with a club booth at different events each year. As an example would be the “Art in the Park” in Winfield, KS. SKW members are asked to help with set up and tear down of the booth and are asked to help during the event by talking with people, demonstrating, or taking money for sales of turned items. These events are used to donate some of the sales earnings to the club Treasury and to promote membership in SKW and friendship between members.

Each SKW member is provided with a membership roster and calendar of events for meetings. These will be sent to you via E-mail or in the event a member does not have e-mail, the information will be sent USPS.

Officers of SKW are:

  • Scott Hackler – President
  • Royce Wallace – Vice President
  • Donna Shrader – Secretary
  • Ruth Chipman – Treasurer
  • John Nicholas – Program Chairman
  • Ruth Chipman – SKW Newsletter Editor

Please feel free to use the “contact” button on our SKW Woodturners Web Page for additional information about SKW.

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